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Drama League Directors Project Fellowships

Kenneth Wirth

In addition to his experience as a top financial services executive, Kenneth Wirth manages the business affairs of the award-winning musical group the Midtown Men. Kenneth Wirth has also produced five Broadway plays winning a Tony Award this season for Jitney. In addition Mt Wirth was elected to the Executive committee of the Drama League.

The Drama League supports and promotes theater by spearheading a number of unique programs and events. One of its key initiatives, its Directors Project Fellowship program, is billed as the “preeminent career development program” for developing stage directors. The goal of these fellowships is to help directors at relatively early stages of professional progress take their careers to the next level.
The program consists of five distinct fellowships: the New York Directing Fellowship, the Hangar Directing Fellowship, the Leo Shull New Musicals Fellowship, the Classical Directing Fellowship for Artists of Color, and the Directing Fellowship in Film and Television. Each of these provides critical help in areas that range from professional training and career networking to assistantships and production opportunities.
Just having celebrated their 100th birthday the Drama League is focused on preserving the greatness that is Theater and Broadway.
IN his five years on the Board of the Drama League Mr Wirth has helped to obtain corporate sponsors to celebrate the arts.

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